Writing a Dissertation

Writing a Dissertation

Dissertation Writing Is Not A Task For Most Students

Writing A Dissertation Is The Necessary Part Students Go Through To Achieve There Academic Degree

How We Help You To Writing A Dissertation? The Main Part Of Your Academic Career: 

Writing a dissertation to qualify for the professional title or academic degree, a number of academic units requires its students a written document: the dissertation. This is a publication that reflects the results of studies and research carried out by students and is monitored, evaluated and approved by teachers. Dissertation preparation can be a difficult and complex task for this reason we recommend to use specialized in professional dissertation writing services.

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Unconventional dissertation.

Academic units require certification as a condition for submitting projects, exhibitions or other work, the special conditions that are not considered traditional dissertation. The student should learn in his Academic Unit on how to prepare and submit this type of dissertation. In the case of the School of Architecture, it requires its students an architectural project that includes, generally, an explanatory report, architectural drawings and the project schedule. The Library of the Faculty of Architecture has standardized the presentation of projects in folders, slides or CDs. Sheet Size with a height ranging from 24.5 to 30 cm – 1. Folders: For obvious reasons of storage, use and retrieval of information, the following presentation of the elaborate dissertation is recommended. The blade width can be 70, 90 or 110 cm. These longer blades will bend to fit the width corresponding to a letter or similar sized sheet. – File System double hook. – Plans bent so that they can be opened without being removed from the folder. 2. Slides: – pictures of excellent quality, made by a professional. – Each slide must bear the information: serial number corresponding to the index, author of the project and project title. – File System slides in sheets of clear plastic with numerous pockets for storage. It is recommended that slides together empasten the explanatory report, and the project schedule. 3. The CD’s: – Should apart delivered a copy of the CD with its cover identification. – It is advisable to deliver a paper copy of the main drawings illustrating the project and performed in specialized programs such as AutoCAD, for easy reference to people who do not handle these programs.

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