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What we experience in the sector?

Our company is present on the market for over 10 years. We have performed thousands of orders, our group is formed only by experienced professionals. Previously, we have acted in the traditional way, ie the client asked us to work, we give the value to the service execution were requested to writers. The whole process worked by email. With the development of our company we have improved our activity so that the customer is part of any process of execution of the order. It has its contribution and the idea of ​​how to do the service; you can directly transmit its guidelines and comments to the writer, to reduce delays in payments or publication of tenders for writers. Perfectly knowing the characteristics of the sector we have created an automatic system, which reduces all the imperfections of the traditional model, gives customers the convenience of working, it is easy to handle and transparent manner has all the qualifications of our writers. The system, in which the client determines everything – who and when your order will be made when payment is executed. Also requested corrections and download your order when ready. We have the only platform of its kind in Spain and we are ahead of the competition in every way. The product we have created is a better example of our long experience. The trust of our customers and the constant need to develop our business model, in which the customer satisfied determine our activity.

What are our services?

Our service is a convenient, easy and unique platform for cooperation with customers seeking advice writer of several projects and writers professionals who are ready to use their knowledge to make the right project. Our mission is that both parties are satisfied with the work done. We believe that no other company in the market can offer the best solution.

What qualifications do our writers?

All persons employed by us have master’s degree, have completed undergraduate or doctorate. We hire people with agility when preparing dissertation, carrying out investigations, with an analytical mind and knowledge of the correct wording of the works in Microsoft Office. In addition, our writers have extensive experience and test development projects of various types, some work with us from the beginning of our activity (ie, over 10 years ago).

What we are better than the competition?

Our platform is unique in Spain. With our extensive experience we have created a fully automatic system that allows comfort and clarity to our customers. The platform is completely transparent: you have the opportunity to communicate directly with the writer by chat, send the guidelines, see offers of writers and their profiles. Service payments can be made ​​in real time (minimizing delivery times), and the work done can download to your computer or comment on the work performed by a specific writer. It is the service # 1 in UK. All this makes us earn the trust of customers. Spend some time and compare our service with the competition and understand why we say that the best service throughout Spain

What sets us apart from the competition?

Unlike other services, we do not allow plagiarism or copies of other works. Each work is original and unique. Regardless of spending all jobs are written to the highest academic level. Thanks to this, each client receives an attractive job for a very good price. Several academic writing services work, but most of those are running illegal businesses drafting work at very low prices, which from the beginning should worry the client. We start from the premise that for a high-quality development should pay more. We are a legal and reliable company. We hire our workers and issue invoices for our services performed. Our work have the right quality to price, and are always made by the competent and experienced people. We guarantee repayment, authenticity and privacy at all times. We have earned the trust of thousands of customers who use our service again and recommend among his acquaintances. The satisfied customer is the best reference of our reliability. Being unique, we offer:

  • The rebate system
  • The bonus system for loyal customers
  • The referral service
  • The possibility of orders in 6 hours
  • Accessibility 24/7
  • Direct contact with writers and many more.

Are my data safe in the service?

Yes. All information and all personal customer data is secure and not available to anyone under the Data Protection Act. The collected data is used only to contact regarding existing orders. Furthermore, we guarantee secure Internet connection. All actions performed through our secure interface are protected. Also, the only customer personal data required are the name and email.

What topic I can apply for the job?

We have the CAPACITY to place orders for each item and each area of ​​interest, and on any difficulty. It is enough to leave the order and wait for the offers of our writers. It may be that none of our writers are interested in ordering. You have to know that if any of our pro presents its offer within 48 hours, your order will probably not perform to make. However, based on the statistics we can say that over 99% of all requested orders have been made.

Conduct research for work?

If the customer has no possibility or for any reason will not or cannot perform the research for his work himself, can do it ourselves, so we will charge extra payment. The customer has to bear in mind that not always have the capacity to perform research in a place or in a certain institution. We ask previously agreed with the writers a place of such research. We must also remember when publishing your order, so that the writer can add to the total price and its bid for full service.

How and what discount can I get?

There are two types of discounts in our system:

  • Discount for new customer: each new customer is automatically included in the system of discounts of 5, 10 or 15%. The discount rate depends only on the number of pages requested. If the client requests from 21-50 pages, the discount is 5%; if it is from 51 to 100 pages, the discount will be 10%; and finally, if the requested pages exceed the 100, 15% discount.
  • Discount for loyal customer, our system automatically calculates the volume of all orders made ​​and on that basis determine the discount for each subsequent order. The only criterion is the total pages created, similar to the first case.

What guarantees the correct execution of the service offered?

Our service offers four basic guarantees:

  • Quality guarantee
  • Money back guarantee
  • Authenticity Guarantee
  • Guarantee of confidentiality

What is quality assurance?

Quality assurance is a clear system of evaluation of the drafters and customer feedback, which provides assurance that each selected writer will place the order at the appropriate level meritorious. Our policy of recruiting new writers is very restrictive and demanding. To join our team, you must meet very high quality requirements posed by our service. Each one of our writers has at least a Bachelor’s degree or graduate and a very extensive professional experience in sector.

What is the guarantee?

Money Back Guarantee: paying for a service does not have to be concerned about whether their money has been well spent. Payments will free you to writers. If not satisfied, and his complaint was justified, we guarantee a refund. That is, in addition to having direct contact with the writer, is the drafting of service that ultimately decides whether the order has been executed correctly and if payment is released to the writer. To release the writer last payment by the customer, it will be safe and will be repaid.

What guarantee do I receive after payment work?

We will guarantee you receive the work within the agreed time and according to the guidelines. To minimize your risk, our system provides, among other rights:

  • The possibility of preparing a free sample of work
  • Instalment payments for each stage
  • The possibility of signing a contract (in this case, you must contact the wording of the service through the “Contact with the writerial”).
    What guarantee of delivery have?

Our writers always try to deliver the work requested by the deadlines agreed with the client beforehand. The writer will not accept the order if it is unable to deliver on the dates indicated. If the delay still occurs, we will inform about the possible delay and we will try to apply a special discount or free for the following order pages.

Does anyone monitor the compliance of the terms and conditions of use of the platform?

Each content entered into forms, in chats or sent or uploaded files is reviewed by our staff of service management department redactor-online.es in order to satisfy the compliance and compliance with the terms and conditions the policy of using our platform and the existing regulations.


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